Saturday, October 25, 2008

Quirks to Live By.

This blog is completely inspired by my dear friend Katie's confession of her little areas of oddity. I was told recently that I have more "quirks" than the average person. Here are a few strange things about me. I ordinarily think of myself as a fairly normal person, but I am beginning to be the judge.

* I have an extreme sensitivity to what I call "soft sounds." You know the sound of people chewing, water trickling, liquids being swallowed, the list goes on. Frankly it makes my skin crawl and it is quite hard to not go weak. Sad but true.

* I make my bed every morning while I am partially still in it. I realize this has OCD tendencies but it's a fact.

* I love monochromatic meals (foods of all one color). I don't know why but it's soothing to me.

* I also have a sensitivity to a few choice words. I will NOT say them here as to provide others with a weapon against me. They are not naughty words, they simply heeb me out (as in the heebie jeebies).

* I love my food really hot! I will even get up and go microwave a meal halfway through.

* I pronounce the word banana like "banawna," magazine like "megazine," and bagel like "begel."

* I layer my cereal...i.e. layer of bananas, Cracklin Oat Bran, and if I am lucky, strawberries!

The list truly is endless.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Go Take a Walk.

I had the sweetest moment today...
It wasn't too profound or life changing but it sure was sweet. I spent some time talking to God this morning and as I was praying I got this picture in my mind of the most beautiful fall tree. It reminded me of this awesome tree planted by the water in Drake Park. Honestly, I couldn't get this picture out of my mind. So, I put on my new running shoes and my comfy clothes and decided to go for a walk. I had this sense that God was calling me to go on a walk with Him.

While soaking in the sunshine and the brilliance of the Fall trees, Jesus and I just chatted. Mostly I listened as He encouraged my heart. Spoke about the exciting things ahead and reminded me that my utter delight at the beauty of Fall is nothing compared to His delight in His children. The views and weather were perfect and breathtaking. However, they were also nothing compared to my walking buddy today. I felt His nearness, His love, and His simplicity.

While I said that my walk with Jesus wasn't too profound, I guess I was wrong. The truth that the God of the Universe beckoned me to take a walk with Him, hear His voice, and enjoy His company...that is pretty profound.

I did see that tree from my head in Drake Park today and
God reminded me of Psalm 1:3 that talks about the people of God being like that tree...

" They are like trees planted by streams of water,

which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither.
Whatever they do prospers."

I love His Promises and I love Him.

Secrets of the Slammer.

The Secret is out...
I love prisons.
Now I don't mean the present day penitentiary's. I mean old fashion, dare I say "vintage" prisons. I know it is completely random and strange but I can't help it. I am intrigued with the cell blocks, solitary confinement, prison yards, and even more...prison escapes. I am a huge fan of prison movies (such as The Great Escape, Escape From Alcatraz, Shawshank Redemption, the list goes on) and really, who doesn't like stripes?

The truth is that this secret interest that I have had for quite some time may have been kept locked up (he he) if I hadn't had the awesome opportunity to visit one of these "Rocks." Recently on a visit to California I got to go see Alcatraz and I confess I totally turned into one of those crazy tourists who takes a million pictures and is WAY to excited on the tour.

Here is The Rock in all of it's beauty...
They say, "You break the law, you go to prison. You break the prison law, you got to

Sheer joy! I am sure I am the only prisoner who ever smiled from behind the bars.

After returning to from my trip, I could no longer hide my prison excitement which inspired my awesome roomie to plan a "prison" birthday party for me, which was BRILLIANT. We all wore stripes (because they are cuter than orange jump suits), ate chili & potatoes, and played Mafia. I never I thought I would see my precious friends turn into such thugs. It was a blast!

Plus, I got mug shots of all my the prison guests! How many people do you know have mug shots of all of their friends?? I sure do. Enjoy...

I confess. I love prisons. I loved my prison party. I love my friends.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Mmmm, Good.

Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see-
how GOOD God is.
Psalm 34:8

I have been struck this morning at the goodness of God. Like a toasty blanket around me or a warm cup of something yummy seeping down to warm my insides, so is the goodness of God. Sitting here in His presence this morning I am overwhelmed at the ways that God demonstrates His goodness in my life.

Looking back over the past few months I stand in awe at the practical and spiritual ways that God has drenched my life with His goodness. I am reminded of the story of the ten lepers who were healed by Jesus in Luke 17. Today I want to be the ONE leper who, in seeing all that Jesus has done, runs back to thank Him. I want to shout my gratitude and make sure that the reflection of His goodness in my life truly brings God glory.

While my heart pours out thanks this morning, I also want to express how thankful I am for the friends that God has given me. I am daily reminded of the goodness of God as I look at each of you. You reflect His character and usher in more of Jesus into my life. I am grateful to walk this way with you. May you soak in the goodness of God in your own lives and know the love I have for you as well.

God is good...Mmmm...take a sip.