Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm So Excited and I Just Can't Hide It.

I have been trying to blog. I really have. I keep thinking of witty little tales to tell of scorpions in our house, battles with bleach and other mundane/amusing stories of my life. The truth is I am distracted, distracted in the best way. I am coming home so very soon!!! In a matter of weeks I will be boarding that plane in shorts and a tank top, where I will proceed to slather on the layers hour by hour to transform my Summer self into all things wintry and wonderfully home. As anticipation builds, I find my thoughts drawn to home like a rickety old cart consistently veering right no matter which way you steer it. In an attempt to ease the antsy-ness arising in me, I have compiled a list of people, places, and things I am beyond excited to see, go, and experience. Feel free to pencil in your name next to any item with which you so desire to join me in while I am home...

Disclaimer: I am well aware that over half of the items listed have something to do with consumption of food and in my mind I am justified with the truth that I will never consume said food alone.Friends and family will be present in all circumstances mentioned, I promise. Scout's honor.

I am so excited and I just can't hide it!

I can't wait for...

Being reunited with my precious and amazing Family

Froggin' around with my fabulous Friends

Christmas Eve Javens Family Talent Show 09

Millions of coffee dates to get the haps (though I only drink tea)

Lounging on my parents couch

Christmas morning traditions

Hiking the Butte

Drinking Hot Chocolate

Devouring a $5 footlong from Subway

Getting to eat a Caesar Salad

Backporch-I intend to sit there for hours and watch the snow fall

Decorating the Christmas tree

Bowling with my Dad

Hanging at the Moyers house

Holding Olivia Faith Unruh for the first time

Skipbo Tournaments

Seeing my brother Nathan after almost 2 years!

Charades (Holiday Version Please)

Watching Christmas movies

Westside Church-Nothing like my home church

Laughing and lots of it

Drinking Dr. Pepper & Mr. Pibb (Hello old friends)


Walking in Drake Park

“Jamming” on the guitar with my brother Nate

Savoring Carmel Apple Cider from Starbucks

Corporate worship led by my friends

All things Christmas

The Nutcracker with my Mum

Buying Sale Summer clothes (just what I need!)

Shopping in real malls (hallelujah)

El Cap

Recording music with Katie and Noel

Ice Skating in Sunriver

Trout House with the girls

Breakfast at McDonalds with my parents

Hearing all that God has been up to Stateside

Speaking truth and encouragement into my beloved friends' lives

Sisters Coffee Company...London Fog, be still my heart.

Getting hugs

Sharing stories of the move of God in Bots

Praying in person with those I love


Being HOME.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Moved By Compassion.

Throughout Scripture describing the days that Jesus walked our sod you will find again and again that Jesus was not in a hurry. He was attentive, aware and ready. We also read that Jesus was consistently, “Moved by compassion.” He was moved by compassion to feed hungry people, teach the mysteries of the Kingdom, heal the sick, raise the dead, minister to people with the simplest to the most profound of needs. I have read these words many times standing in amazement at Jesus' ways and yet wondered what does that really mean? What would it look like for me to be “moved by compassion?” Or better yet, what would it take? My heart's desire is to look more and more like Jesus each day I live on the earth which means that sometime I must experience this mystery firsthand.

I believe in the last week I felt it. I know for certain that Jesus gave me a glimpse of what was happening in His heart those many times when He Himself was so overflowing with compassion that He was moved to action. Over the past few weeks, I have become a sort of answering service for the sick in our church and community who need prayer. It has been amazing to me because each time I receive these late night desperate calls (and they are always late night) truly the only thing I have been able to do is pray. Every time we have prayed God has come through with supernatural healing and provided testimonies of His power and grace at work. He is just so good at that.

This past week following my lessons at Mmusi Primary I was approached or rather stopped in my tracks by a student of mine named Tirelo. This sweet, quiet, 6th grade boy who I know from class, ran up to me after school begging me to come and pray for His mom. To be honest, I was shocked and then really humbled. There he was with his big brown desperate eyes reaching out for someone to join him before the Throne on behalf of his pregnant and suffering mom. Tirelo's family is not saved as far as I know but this boy had faith and just like Jesus was prompted to act in response to faith, so was I.

Late last night Tirelo, his grandma and I went to visit his mom, Lydia, at the public hospital. Even as we approached the maternity ward with the nervous and anxious Tirelo running ahead, I could sense the Lord about to ruin me in new ways. While I will edit out the heart wrenching conditions that I find at this hospital, as I sat in the courtyard with my hand on Lydia's shoulder, my heart was aching with compassion. As she recounted the various pains and concerns for her health, I could physically feel my heart breaking. I wanted to find a doctor and demand answers, share some words with the cooks who refused to feed her something she could safely keep down, protect the baby growing inside of her, just do something. My skin was crawling with the sensation of the Spirit moving inside of me (sounds creepy but really it was amazing). As I was literally moved by compassion and love for this women I don't know and her son who looked on with eyes of faith, I was able to give her Jesus. She needed healing, comfort, love, and covering and in Jesus alone she will receive all of the above.

I rose early today to greet Lydia with much needed breakfast and a tender dose of Jesus. To tell you the truth I still don't know this women well but Jesus is moving compassionately through me to make sure that Lydia knows Him. I have decided I want to be moved by compassion all the time. I want to let the things that break God's heart really ruin mine. I want to be attentive and ready for the miraculous move of the Spirit as He draws all men and women to Himself.

Please pray for Lydia's healing and salvation.
Please pray that I would walk in deeper faith.
Pray for yourself to let God move you in new compassionate ways to reach those around you.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Today's To-Do List:

1. Trust God Steadily.

2. Hope unswervingly.

3. Love Extravagantly.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Choose Jesus.

Have you ever had one of those revelations that stops you in your tracks?
I did this week.
It was humbling, freeing, and life changing.

God's promises are not to be viewed solely in light of my dreams, desires, and life circumstances.
God's promises are meant to reveal the Promiser.
Yes, His promises apply and are at work in my circumstances
but the Promiser is the reward, not my desires.

I knew this deep in my heart once, but I let my heart forget.
I was sincerely grieved and then gracefully restored to an undivided pursuit of the only One worth running after.

Forget the rest, I choose Jesus.