Wednesday, January 27, 2010



The ability to see through something to what might be revealed on the other side.

Having just arrived back home in Africa I have been savoring the saturated state of my soul that is the result of having been in fellowship once again with my family and friends. I find my heart overwhelmed by the way that God reveals the endless aspects of His character amidst relationships of weak, broken people. We are imperfect children of a perfect, Living God. Somehow because of God's grace and kindness He shows up in power in our relationships. During my holiday at home, I experienced this supernatural move of God during conversations over a warm cup of tea, a yummy crepe, popcorn chicken, chips and salsa...the list could go on. As I have pondered how it could be that a myriad of fine food establishments could be transformed into holy ground as it were, the key I believe was transparency. Transparency amidst relationships.

I don't know how or when God taught me the delight in being transparent with people but the truth is once you start being real, it is almost impossible to go back. There is this marvelous freedom in openly taking a look at your struggles, weaknesses, doubts, fears and hurts and then coming back to what you know to be true about God. The reason I feel compelled to share this thought on transparency is that in the middle of openly processing while at home I found myself verbalizing things I believe about who God is, what He is REALLY doing in my life, and at the end of the day walked away healed in ways I cannot explain. It seems that the more transparent I became with the friends I love, the more Jesus was able to reveal to me what He has been doing all along. God has in turn deposited in me a huge arsenal of truths about Him and His ways that are no longer theories but something I can sink my teeth into. Through this openness and sincere love for people from the get-go God has blessed me with authentic relationships where He is free to move in this miraculous way. Transparency and authenticity amidst relationships becomes an opportunity for the stunning work of God to be revealed, hearts are knit ever closer, and love just grows.

What I am left with is this...

A beautiful reflection of the family of God being the family of God.

I just simply stand amazed.