Monday, November 17, 2008

Smells of Cilantro.

The night smelled not of winter as I suspected it would...

it smelled of cilantro.

I know, strange.
I thought it was just in the church parking lot but alas,
it smelled like cilantro at my house too.

What does that mean?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Laundry with Jesus.

In the past week I have been struck with the simplicity and yet profound mystery of just being with Jesus.

I have been overwhelmed at the thought that God of the universe wants to be with me. He does! He was with me in the ordinary and I sensed His nearness and delight in me at the strangest of moments...

He was there when I browsed around at Target.
( I am sure Jesus loves Target, I mean it's Target.)

He was there when I ate lunch with His Word at Quiznos.

He was there when I slept in and then drank a cup of Paris tea.

He joined me in the laundry room as I sorted my clothes.

He spoke to me as I attempted to tame the mane He gave me.

He encouraged me as I obediently headed off to work.

In the past week I have enjoyed the treasure it is to recognize that my "time with Jesus" is not limited to the moments I spend in the morning with Him. I have grown tired of compartmentalizing my life in such a way to miss out on the truth that Jesus IS and wants to be with me.

We can chat, laugh, cry, sing together no matter what mundane activities are a part of each day. I don't understand it, but I sensed Him there. What a mystery. Jesus wants to be so near.

Whatever your days seem to look like, invite Jesus along. It makes it so much sweeter.