Thursday, April 2, 2009

Off the Top Of My Heart.

God ruined my heart again today.
In the best way.
When you give God your heart,
He will surely show you how His feels.
It feels broken for this broken world.

After letting him take my heart to new depths of brokenness,
I got to sensing that there is a huge world out there,
people broken, hurting,
lost, falling apart,
silently screaming for SOMEBODY
to hold out life to them.
To really LIVE.

The only way to be that person is to find out what God is asking of you,
throw everything else aside,
run hard after God,
and do that thing in the center of God's will.

It may be to hold a baby suffering with HIV,
loving someone that nobody else sees,
being faithful when it's hard,
believing the promises God has whispered.
Whatever you can do, please do it.
Nobody can do what you were designed by God to do.

What we do may seem small,
but our God is BIG.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I just spent a legitimate amount of time wrestling the last few drops out of my toothpaste.
I don't want to let it go.
Why? You ask.

If I admit defeat I have to throw away yet another link to the States,
my other home.
I had to buy African toothpaste today.
It made me sad.
African toothpaste is just like American toothpaste.
Only different.
It's from Africa and not America.

It's the small things that remind you that half way around the world is
another home.
A home in which I love and miss.
People whom I adore and ache to see.
However, God put me here...where they sell African toothpaste.

Decidedly, tomorrow morning I will enjoy my last day of American toothpaste.
Just know friends, my toothpaste will make me think of you.
It's true.